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Find Engaging Robot Kits for Kids from KinderLab Robotics

KinderLab Robotics offers high-quality and highly engaging robot kits for kids at affordable prices. Our KIBO kits are comprised of modules, programming blocks and accessories that help in overall child development.

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How Educational Robotics Can Improve Child Development

Education robots give teachers a fun, hands-on way of introducing scientific, technological and social concepts to young children. By designing, assembling and experimenting with their own small machines, kids can strengthen their ability to follow detailed instructions and solve problems. They can also learn the value of patience and gain the confidence to tackle new subjects and challenges.


Educational robots and robotic kits can help young students:

• Develop Teamwork Skills: When kids work on a robotics-related task in their classroom, they get the opportunity to work in teams. They learn not only how to communicate and act on their ideas but to receive input from others as well. These abilities will serve them well when they enter the adult world.

• Get a Solid Grounding in Science and Technology: Robot kits provide young kids with an easy, rewarding introduction to engineering, physics and other science-related fields. Educators do not need to worry about losing certain segments of their classes: It is easy to find kits which are designed to appeal to both boys and girls.

• Get Valuable, Hands-On Experience: Connecting sensors, LED lights and other components allow kids to see the practical results of their hard work. When they put something together that can move on its own, they can begin to realize their potential.

• Discover and Pursue Their Passions: It can do wonders for a child to tap into their own creativity. If a girl or boy is more technically inclined, working with robot toys for young children will help bring that out. At the same time, artistically-minded kids will enjoy the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild. Educational robots can give children their first glimpse of what could become a life-defining passion.

Educators can use robot kits to help children develop a wide range of technical and interpersonal capabilities. Kids can create robots that respond to lights and sounds and can move without any input. When they see their work pay off in such a way, they can be encouraged to pursue and achieve greater accomplishments as adults.

KinderLab Robotics provides pre-K, Kindergarten and primary school teachers with sophisticated but fun educational robots. The company’s chief scientist and co-founder, Dr. Marina UmaschiBers, has spent the past two decades researching how technology can improve youth development.

Dr. Bers’s extensive experience led to the creation of the KIBO, a robot kit designed for 4-7-year-old kids. The KIBO won a Parents’ Choice Award and was a finalist for a Tech Edvocate Award in 2017.

About KinderLab Robotics

KinderLab Robotics offers top-quality, educational robot kits for kids. Its flagship product, the KIBO, was honored by the Tutora Educational Awards and the Tech Edvocate Awards and won a 2017 Parents’ Choice Award in the Toy category.

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Get Amazing Education Robots by KinderLab Robotics at Competitive Price


Parents and educators give kids dolls, teddy bears, cars and other toys to help them pass the time.  Education robots help develop skills which kids can use as adults. It is probably no secret to most teachers and parents that technology has changed the job market in dramatic ways. Through its carefully developed robot toys for young children, KinderLab Robotics works to make learning both more fun and more effective. The company’s products help children develop the skills which they will need to become engineers, artists, choreographers and more.

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Shop Robot Toys for Young Children from KinderLab Robotics

Robotic toys can dramatically boost the development of children critical skills and abilities starting at a very young age. KinderLab Robotics is a prominent online store offering curriculum, workbooks and assessments along with KIBO-specific training to complement the hands-on learning process and effectively boost technical skills.

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Buy Fun & Educational Robot Kits for Kids from KinderLab Robotics

Robot kits for kids are an excellent tool for parents and teachers to help their children learn effectively. KinderLab Robotics offers various curriculum, workbooks and assessments along with KIBO-specific training to complement the hands-on learning process and effectively boost technical skills.

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Buy Ultimate KIBO Robot Kits for your Kids from KinderLab Robotics

Robot kits are the best way of making your child demystify tech. KinderLab Robotics has created a diverse product line such as KIBO that includes fun, challenging and customizable robotic kits that kids and parents love. KIBO serves as an open-ended platform designed for kids to imagine and create their own robot.

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Robotic Toys Benefit Children During Important Growth Stages

Anthropological research indicates that dolls began to be used as toys around 100 AD. The earliest dolls were handmade from stone, wood, ivory clay and leather—whichever materials were available locally—and were commercially manufactured in Germany as early as the 15th century. For generations, dolls were a staple in children’s toy boxes everywhere.



Eventually, parents and experts began to recognize that dolls like Barbie were not instilling positive values such as image, worth, confidence and intelligence. Behavioral studies began to show how important a child’s early growth stages were to overall development and these opportunities were often lost. The popularity of toys such as LEGOs, Etch A Sketch and Tinker Toys began to explode, as they were fun but also generated interest in the fundamentals of design, technology and construction. Children and parents, alike, were satisfied.


The 1980s and 1990s ushered in the Age of Personal Computers and children’s toys were forever changed. Ataris gave way to Nintendos, Game Boys and PlayStations and robotic toys. While we still find limited “traditional” toys on shelves, a majority of space is now reserved for goods with an educational slant.


With today’s integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in all aspects of education, interest in robotic toys is at all-time highs. The US Department of Commerce reports that STEM-related occupations are growing at nearly 20% annually, compared to just 9.8% for all others. Research also shows that STEM degree-holders earn significantly higher incomes than non-STEM counterparts.


Because STEM will continue to open even more doors in the future, educators and experts are challenging parents to expose children as early as three years of age. Even at this young age, specially-developed toys and games are important for the development of skill sets such as creativity, logic and problem-solving.


KinderLab Robotics has created a diverse product line that includes fun, challenging and customizable robotic kits that kids and parents love. KinderLab Robotics is dedicated to bringing new and exciting learning opportunities to children of all ages, keeping them engaged and focused while preparing them for a STEM-oriented future.


Realizing the role it can play in increasing children’s technical and cognitive abilities, KinderLab Robotics offers an array of educational products like KIBO robot kits, student curriculum packets and individualized programming blocks and modules. It provides individual and classroom kits as well as ongoing training and support for teachers and parents.


About KinderLab Robotics:


KinderLab Robotics creates exciting and premium-quality robot kits for kids and sells these and other products on its website. KinderLab Robotics is proud of the contributions its products make in the development of children of all ages and the essential skills it teaches.


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Buy Advanced Robot Kits for your Kids from KinderLab Robotics

Fun robot kits for kids are a great way to introduce children to simple robotics engineering concepts. Robotics-inspired toys not only generate interest in technology but also foster learning through creativity, imagination and process-based techniques. KinderLab Robotics is a leading online store offering complete robot kits for kids, programming blocks and other accessories. Our products are made to develop self-esteem and problem-solving skills in your child.

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Robotic Toys Can Help Your Child’s Early Development


Remember the days when we used to play with simple building blocks and Legos and Tinker Toys? Believe it or not, these were once considered cutting-edge educational tools and laid the groundwork for the incredible developments made by toy manufacturers over the past decade. Few children play with only dolls or cars anymore…they have moved to more technical, electronic toys such as robot kits. Beginning early in their childhood, these advanced toys help prepare a child for the increasingly competitive nature of today’s world.

Legos, Etch-A-Sketches and Tinker Toys are among the most memorable toys from the late-20th century. These were not necessarily age-specific, as they were enjoyed by children of all ages. Each provoked users to design a unique product, which developed creativity and motor skills. Today’s kids, however, are part of an increasingly high-tech generation and are overwhelmingly attracted to the world of technology. Building blocks have been replaced by tablets and digital cameras and robotics as the most popular toys for this generation of kids.

People have been fascinated by robotic toys since they were first introduced. Not only are these toys interesting and exciting for kids but also a great way to introduce them to the fundamentals of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Robotic toys foster creativity and generate interest in the basics of programming—similar to the way building blocks helped kids develop basic design and engineering skills, though on a more in-depth and practical level. Robotic toys and kits can dramatically boost the development of your child’s critical skills and abilities starting at a very young age.

Some specific benefits of robotic toys are:

Demystify technology- STEM is widely viewed as the future of the American economy. Robot kits can demystify technology and offer children an introduction to engineering, encouraging them develop knowledge and skills related to the technological world around them.

Foster creativity- Toys which are reliant on mathematical principles and logical thinking can aid the development of a child’s creativity and design skills.

Develop cognitive skills- Robotic toys stimulate the thought process and problem-solving skills and also assist in developing analytical abilities.

Establish cause-and-effect- The concept of trial-and-error leads to the development of cause-and-effect in the mind of the child, allowing her/him to better understand the process of using corrective actions for favorable results.

Introduce programming- Robotic toys can pique a child’s interest in the basics of coding and programming and instill confidence in their technical capabilities.

Encourage engagement- Through their immersive interface, robotics-inspired toys hold kids’ attention and continually encourage thoughtful activity.

One of the industry’s finest manufacturers of robotic toys is KinderLab Robotics. It offers a wide range of exclusive options including KIBO kits, educational modules and programming blocks to keep your child engaged and focused. These kits foster procedural and technical learning in kids and assist in their learning of basic robotics. KinderLab Robotics also offers different levels of student curriculum, workbooks, assessments and support and training for educators.

About KinderLab Robotics:

KinderLab Robotics is a trusted online store for the purchase of robot kits for kids. It has developed advanced programming modules and KIBO kits to introduce the exciting world programming to kids.

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Shop the Best Robot Kits for your Kids from KinderLab Robotics

Kids are always interested in something which is new and different. KinderLab Robotics offers an assortment of robot kits for kids and workbooks to help them learn and develop a functional knowledge of robots and their operation.


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